Cherise Gautier

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Chronicles of Nick

Date of Birth

May 5 1968





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Foot, Car,


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Stripper [Former]




Cherise Gautier is a former exotic dancer who is overprotective of her son, Nick. She is motherly towards everyone she meets, and makes them fall in love with her in the most motherly way. In the Dark-Hunter story arc she was murdered by a damion in Seize The Night. This is what would cause her son Nick loose to the Malachai within.  

In Stryker's book,, it is said that Nick's father was drawn to her because they were so opposite, her pure good to his evil. In the CN story arc It is also implied that she was raped which led to her son being conceived, and loved him despite the way he was given to her. Her love for her son was so great, she allowed herself to get  disowned by her parents.  

Cherise is a main character in the CON story arc and plays a significant role in the DH as well. Interestingly enough she is blind to the supernatural world despite having such a big role as being mother the Malachai. She knew nothing of Adarin's origins or how they play a role in her son's place in the universe. For reasons unknown her mind simply can't comprehend the supernatural world.   

In Chronicles of Nick, Instinct, we learn that Cherise's parents adopted her and her real parents are an unknown woman who passed away in a car accident and her father is Jared, a Sephiroth.  Jared does not know that he is her father, as it was a secret that was never to be revealed.  Initially she was a trap for Adarian, as he would be attracted to her goodness, a by product of her Sephiroth bloodline.  It is for this reason that Nick is such a conundrum as a Malachai.


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